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You are on the CorTypo database and you can conduct several searches depending on your aims

  • Languages : This entry point allows you to compare functions across languages, starting from languages.
  • Domains : This entry point allows you to compare functions across languages, starting from functional domains.
  • Synthesis : This table shows in which languages a given function is attested.
  • Labels : This entry point gives the number of occurrences of morphosyntactic labels in the two glossing lines ge and rx, for each language, in the corpora.
  • Functions : This entry point allows you to find the language(s) in which a given function is attested, and for each language, the language-internal definition of the function, the full description of the corresponding construction(s), the coding means involved, the constraints of use, and a number of selected examples.
  • Keywords : Functions are labeled according to the CorTypo members’ analysis. There may be alternative analyses, or related labels. This entry point allows you to look for a construction under a different label/keyword than the one chosen by the linguists in the project.
    Select one or many (ctrl key) keyword(s) X then click the Keywords button, you will access all the constructions whose function has been tagged X by the CorTypo specialist. If you select a keyword X followed by a + sign, you will retreive the constructions which have been tagged X by another linguist, but not by the CorTypo specialists.
    If you register and connect (cf. Database page), you will be able to add keywords to selections of functions you can make through Languages or Domains (after Save and Show). Your keyword will appear in the Keywords list with a + sign at the end to mention it's not a proper keyword of the CorTypo specialist, but a user's one.
  • PRO.PRDGM : This entry point allows you to browse the pronominal paradigms relevant in Domain 1 (relationship between Predicates and NPs), in the languages of the project.